About Me

Hi there, I'm Bill and in case you were wondering, my last name is pronounced like "hoonk" but when you say "hoonk" it sounds like you're saying "hunk" in a weird accent so we'll just go with that. Yeah. "Hunk" works for me.

....Unless you want to try and be funny like my dad and pronounce it "hoink", but i'd prefer not. (My chubby grade-school self will never forgive him for that!)


I'm a dreamer and I'm a wanderer. I haven't lived in one place for more than two years in the last twenty five and I love that that's my life!


I've lived on a sailboat.

I've hunted fish to survive.

I taught myself the seventh grade.

I went to five different schools in five years after that.

I've hit the game-winning three pointer and,

I've also bowled a 299! (sanctioned)

I've washed dishes at a Mom & Pop restaurant and,

I've been the Maitre d' at a formal Michelin rated French restaurant and,

I've done everything in between.

I've been in the direct service to more celebrities, athletes, and politicians than

I can count and,

I've spilled soup on some of them.

I went to a private Art School for three years and,

I regret the money I spent.

I have taken hundreds of thousands of photographs and,

I really really like a few of them.

I've won awards, I've been published, I've had cover photos and,

I could honestly care less about the accolades.


I just love what I do. Photography is my passion.


Nature. Wildlife. Travel. Portraiture. Event. Journalism. Fashion. Food. Fetish. Astro. HDR. Infrared. 3D. I love, love, love it all and I'll be damned if I pigeon-hole myself into one particular niche right now because,


What fun is that?



"I have known Bill for years. The first time we worked together with no prior introduction he was a pleasure and has been everyday since. Bill is an innovative, creative and passionate photographer. His approach to any and all subject matter is as fresh as a tomato picked off the vine. He is a wonderful friend and asset to the photographic world."

~ Katherine Wright, Owner, YTK Photography


"Having worked with Bill for several different projects, His abilities with the camera as well as direction and working with my input has yielded some images that exceeded my expectations. His level of natural talent, learned talent, and professionalism will always bring me back to working with him over other photographers." ~ Danielle Skelley


"Bill Hoenk's studio is a womb of creativity and artistic precision. He has the unique style of allowing every model the space to blossom. While maneuvering his art around each situation, he simultaneously keeps a laser sharp eye on the moment. In fact, he is a master at capturing it!

Thank you, Bill!" ~ Penelope St. Devi


"On behalf of TIME magazine...I had the pleasure of working with Bill directly after the horrific events in Boston earlier this year and can vouch for him as a professional photographer." ~ Patrick Witty, International Picture Editor, TIME