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Thank you for your interest in booking a session.  I will be in contact with you to determine the date and time I will be visiting for our quick portrait shoot. 

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I have received your message and will be in contact with you to schedule a session.

I would like to stress as to the level of seriousness with which I will be practicing extremely strict social distancing guidelines as advised by the CDC while we have our very quick session. This is such an amazing community and as much as you or I might like to chat for a moment and be social, I will be moving along immediately when we are finished. Social distancing requires quite a bit of social responsibility as well from all of us. It is imperative that we take all precautions possible to maintain proper distance and have equal respect! I will be touching nothing, and I will very quickly move away from anyone who absentmindedly might approach me, and as much as I would love to receive lots of doggy love, please also make sure your pets stay close to you during our session- same with your young children. ~Thank you

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